Hi I'm Susie

I'm a proud 46 year old Leo who wears her heart on her sleeve and is unapologetically introverted.

I love spending my working life being creative whilst drinking endless cups of tea and listening to business podcasts!

Being a small business owner myself, I have an affinity for working with likeminded women who are looking for tailored digital marketing support.

I love nothing more than cheerleading and motivating my clients to help them flourish and grow their businesses!!

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a late blooming creative

There aren't many creative bank managers in this world but that's exactly where my love for small business began!

As a commercial bank manager, in a very non-creative job, I supported small businesses with their cashflow and finance needs and it struck me during this time how much I loved working with these amazing people who said no to status quo and life of cushty paid employment to follow their dreams, take a risk and live a life they love. You've got to respect that!

Then, out of the blue at the grand old age of 35, thanks to my Sister and a project I helped her with at the time,  I discovered a passion for photography and design that I never knew I had. It was like a lightbulb was switched on and I could see a bright creative future ahead of me.

After leaving my banking career back in 2012, I also did something pretty risky. My Husband, Daughter, and I emigrated from the UK to Adelaide, Australia which was a huge decision to make.


Moving to Australia truly has been the highlight of our lives and we are now proud Aussie citizens!

Although being so far away from friends and family has been tough going, there really is some truth in the saying that nothing comes from staying in your comfort zone.