I guess you can say that small business has always been in my blood. My entire family has been or still is self employed and although I've had a corporate career in the past, I can safely say I very much prefer being my own boss.

After 10 years in commercial banking and with a toddler ruling the roost at home, like many parents with young children I was drawn to creating a flexible working lifestyle.


After much deliberation, I made the big decision to leave my job and pursue self-employment. And I can tell you, in the beginning, it didn't end well. Lots of lessons learned along with lots of money down the drain.  If only I knew then what I know now.....

Even after a couple of failures, I was still determined not to quit and finally realised that after 34 years on earth that I did actually have skills beyond my 9-5 job. Proudly a late starter in the creative world, I taught myself photography and began a business in the wedding industry. Together with the many lessons I had learned, this time my business was a success.

Not long after in 2012, my Husband, Daughter and I immigrated from the UK to Adelaide. An adventure that has definitely been the highlight of our lives.

Ever since then I've been self-employed in the wedding and events industry and grew my business from scratch. Being in a new country and with no support network this was no mean feat however I'm so happy and proud to say that it's been hugely fulfilling and rewarding.


Over the years my passion for small business has continued to grow and grow. I could literally talk non stop about it every single day. And so ....grid. marketing was born.

Part of my 'why' is that I know how lonely and overwhelming it can be to start  and run your own business.  I truly love nothing more than passing on the knowledge and information that I've gained over the years to help women see their businesses grow and flourish.

One of the biggest things I identify with is women in business who are seeking one to one support to help their business from start-up to scale up. I also resonate with how important it is to work alongside the people and suppliers who 'get you'. Lastly, I truly know how hard it can be to work with a limited budget. But it can be done. My secret sauce is to spend time understanding how marketing works and apply it to your business. Upskill yourself in any area you can and find the right people to do the things that you can't do.

Thanks for reading my story. I look forward to hearing about yours!

Susie Styler

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