Signs You Need A Social Media Manager

Keeping up a consistent social media strategy is just one of the many plates small businesses need to spin.

But you already know that right?!

With every good intention, you're trying your best to slot this important job into your working schedule but it still doesn't get done.

Time Poor

You're already under the pump and despite knowing how important it is to show up on social media, it's falling to the bottom of the to-do list.

Scheduling in a few posts here and there is ok but it's not going to drive results that you're looking for.

You Don't Have The Skills

With so many platforms (even platforms within platforms) curating a feed, creating reels and stories along with high quality graphic designed content, it's no wonder why there are Uni's offering social media degrees these days.

You're Not Enjoying It

It's ok not to like social media and some people just don't like doing it for lots of reasons. If it's not giving you joy then why not pass on the baton?!

If you're not putting your heart and soul into it then you're audience will pick up on this vibe.

Let a pro get to work on your socials instead!

It's Not Working For You

The most likely reason social media isn't working for you is down to all of the reasons above.

You've not got the time, it's something you don't enjoy and you're not equipped with the skills to get the most out of it!

Finding The Right SMM

The rise and availability of social media managers has been rapid over the last couple of years but it pays to find the right one for you.

If you're a small business then you're going to be outpriced by the agencies who at the end of the day are there to serve larger clients with complex needs.

Even if you're a small business, (small service based businesses are my jam!) it really does pay to find someone who you can work with who has experience within your niche or industry. They will understand your audience as well as you do which is a huge key to getting the results you're after.