How Do I Get My Name Out There?

How do I get my name out there is one of the most frequent questions I get asked by clients, particularly those in the service industry.

Quite often, I answer this question with a question.

Are you ready to put your name out there?

You see my observations are that many people start a business by creating the bare minimum needed and then expect the turnover to start churning immediately.

What happens is that they may attract some interest but it doesn't convert to a sale because the potential client doesn't trust the business enough. Or, they are unwilling to invest in some paid ads to attract a good number of potential new clients.


They have a website that's lacking in credibility

Whilst many people can confidently pull off creating a DIY website, many don't and it shows. A poorly designed website is a red flag to a potential client so it's actually costing you money to save money.

A great website not only looks great but is easy to navigate, has some kind of lead magnet along with plenty of calls to action and contact points.

Using a free domain is also a red flag. If you're not willing to invest in a domain name and hosting then why are you running a business?

Their social media has no strategy

The thought is there but the intention is lacking. Social media with no strategy looks like a page of inconsistent communication full of coffee quotes and random memes.

It's not engaging with their target audience and doesn't entice them to move off social media so they just scroll on......

They don't have a customer sales funnel in place

A customer sales funnel is a huge part of marketing strategy and it's all about attracting a potential client and moving them down the funnel to an actual sale.

With no customer sales funnel in place, you can very quickly lose a potential client.

They are too scared to invest in their business

Investing in branding, a great website and potentially some paid ads to get you quickly seen and heard by your target audience requires $$$ and many new business owners are just too scared to spend money. It really comes down to 'you have to spend money to make money'. If you have a solid strategy in place then investing in your business should confidently provide the return you're looking for.

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