How Not To Be Tacky On Instagram

a social media manager from Adelaide talking about how to use instagram correctly

If Instagram in 2022 could be described as one thing, I'd call it a playground.

Now don't get me wrong, I still love Instagram but..... there are some shady things that people do on Instagram that make it no better than a school yard!!!

Some of the things I see on Instagram that people do, they genuinely don't know is wrong and tacky, mostly because some 'guru' or 'influencer' has said it's perfectly fine to do.

Now whilst none of these things I'm about to list are against the law, what they will do is harm your reputation (except for the last one - that's pretty much breaking the law!) And your online credibility is basically your shopfront so you want to keep it clean and intact.

So let's dive in.

Tagging people in your post who have nothing to do with the post!

Ever been tagged and wondered why the hell you've been tagged in? I've no idea why people do this. In the hope I might reshare it? Follow them? I don't know?! It's a waste of time is all.

Sending Cold DMs with a sales pitch

UGH the worst. Hey girl blah blah blah copy and pasted to thousands of accounts. Who has the time to do this for one? Not a way to build relationships.

Buying followers

The only thing that will happen if you do this is that Instagram will know (oh they know!) and you risk having your page shut down. Plus it's tacky and it's telling! A page with hardly any posts and a massive following with minimal engagement is a red flag.


This ridiculous strategy makes my blood actually boil. Instagram is not about numbers. They no longer serve as a metric and this kind of tactic does not work.

Reposting content without permission

Using someone's content without permission or credit is literally stealing. Enough said!

Here's to playing nice on Instagram!