How To Reduce Your Risk Of Getting Your Social Media Hacked

Imagine spending months, if not years building up a social media presence that provides you with regular leads and sales, only to find out one day that it's been hacked....!!

Unfortunately, hacking is on the rise and I'm personally hearing more and more stories about this nightmare coming true.

Hackers get into your account, take it over, change the password and then demand a ransom to 'sell' it back to you.

The truth is that we don't own our social media pages. Meta and the other giants do and hackers have tuned into how important they are to small businesses.

There are a few steps that you can take to avoid getting hacked though.

Two Step Authentication

Facebook and Instagram offer two step authentication which is designed to alert you to anyone attempting to log into your account. This step alone could save your account from falling into the hands of a hacker.

Change your password regularly

Attempt to change your password every 3 months and ensure that it's as strong as possible. Use as much as they keyboard as you can by using lower case, upper case, symbols and numbers. Avoid using anything personal such as your pets names or any links to your email address.

You can also consider a password generator such as LastPass

Stop using third party apps

Third party apps that link to your social media leave you vulnerable as it's data breaches from these apps that hackers use to get the login details to your accounts.

Here's hoping these steps keep you safe from sketchy hackers!