How To Save Time On Your Social Media

Here's a fun fact. According to Hubspot, the average small business spends 6 hours per week on their social media.

Whilst 6 hours is almost one full working day a week, it isn't actually a lot either when you factor in content creation, caption writing, community engagement (liking, commenting and responding) and scheduling across multiple platforms.

The struggle is ensuring that you have the time and the tools to create amazing and engaging content whilst making sure you're posting with intention.

And unfortunately, too many small businesses post on their socials with little intent.

So the result is that they're not leveraging as much as they could which is basically wasting time and money.

Step One - Strategy

Taking the time to formulate a social media strategy will save you time in the long run.

A strategy looks like mapping out how you are going to grow your brand and audience through social media.

What does that actually look like?

Deciding on which platforms to concentrate on aka where does your target audience hang out? There's little point in posting on every single platform. For me for example, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest are just not places I can create and engage with meaningful audiences.

Developing content pillars that will communicate engaging content that resonates with your audience whilst promoting credibility and trust.

Creating a diary and plan of content that aligns with seasonal and trends in your industry.

Step Two - Content Creation

Not every business has the luxury or the budget to hire professional content creators however I cannot stress enough just how important it is that you're creating good looking content. Truly, posting sub standard photos, videos or graphics will only end up costing you money in the long run.

Think of it as an investment and it will return ten fold. I pinky promise you!

If you cannot find the budget for content creation, then read this blog on how to create some DIY content.

Batch creating content is hands down the best way to save time so you can drip feed it over time and at the right time.

Like most of the globe, I use Canva Pro for my content creation and for clients will engage with a professional photographer to create quality and consistent branded images.

a camera taking a picture of candles made in adelaide by the little glow candle co

Step Three - Schedule It!

I personally use Later for my scheduling however META Suite (formally Facebook Business Suite) offers a free scheduling service that's easy to use.

Taking time to batch schedule in your content means you're also holding yourself accountable for making sure it gets done because if you're not showing up on social media then you're definitely missing important opportunities to grow and sustain your business.

There are some downsides to scheduling in things especially when big global events happen as you risk sounding tone deaf. In the long run though, it's worth taking the time to ultimately save you time.

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