Instagram Mistakes People Continually Make

Making the most out of what Instagram has to offer is part of a solid social media strategy for most businesses yet so many are making these mistakes over and over again....

Not Posting Consistently

Just like a healthy diet and exercise regime, if you're not being consistent then you simply won't see results.

How many times a week your businesses needs to show up on Instagram will vary but a rule of thumb is at least 3 times a week to build your audience organically over time.

Not only that if you last posted more than a few weeks ago it can send a signal to someone viewing your page that you're no longer trading.

Posting consistently is like an 'open for business' sign.

Expecting Immediate Results

Again, just like an exercise or healthy eating regime, results don't happen overnight.


If you're not using the right hashtags or enough hashtags then it's a bit like going to the gym and then scoffing a cupcake. You won't see the results you're after.

Hashtags are what get you seen and heard by your target audience and they are the biggest reason why it's so much easier to build your following on Instagram than it is on Facebook.

Posting & Ghosting

If you're only posting on Instagram and not engaging with your followers then it's a bit like going to a party and then immediately leaving. No one will remember you were there and it's not very social and what is Instagram? SOCIAL media!

Spending time commenting and following your target audience is just as important as posting good content.

Focusing on Numbers

Repeat after me. Instagram is not about the amount of followers you have. I repeat. Instagram is not about the amount of followers you have.

A couple of years ago Instagram decided to remove the follow count from posts and the whole world went into a spin. For about five minutes.

It's not about the amount of followers you have it's about creating an engaged following.

Only big ego driven businesses care about numbers and numbers don't guarantee sales.

Posting Without Intent

Posting for the sake of posting isn't a strategy that will get you very far.

Posting with intention is about being strategic so that you can engage with your target audience for the maximum return in the long and short term.

Follow Unfollow

GAH! This drives me up the WALL!

Please do not think that by following a page and then unfollowing them back will give you the results you're looking for.

It's actually harmful to your business' reputation.

Stealing Content

Stealing sounds like such a harsh word but the reality is that if you're using a photographers or illustrators photo or graphic without their permission and if you're not crediting them then you're stealing content.

And, if you're not careful this can land you with at best a cease and desist letter from a lawyer or worse land you in some copyright hot water.

Saying you got it from Google, Pinterest or simply from the internet is not an excuse.

Please don't steal artists work.

Posting Poor Quality Content

Nothing will damage your businesses reputation more than a blurry photo or graphic.

Always imagine your feed as your shop window.

It's often the first impression someone has of your business so keep it full of engaging, quality, value driven content!