Non Aesthetic Branding

We're all familiar with aesthetic branding and its ability to attract and retain your ideal customer or client but what about non aesthetic branding.

What is it and why is it important?

The Little Details

In a nut shell, non aesthetic branding is all of the little details that are sensory but not visual.

It's about the little details that align with your visual branding.

A great example of this would be how you answer the phone. Just the other day I rang a hotel to enquire about something. The person who answered the phone sounded extremely rushed and their tone struck me that my call was a huge inconvenience to them at the time. Not a great branding experience!

Another example may be smell. A burning scented candle in a homewares boutique gets me every time!

Making customers feel valued, comfortable and excited about your products or service is a sure fire way to increasing brand loyalty from customers who will go on to spread great feedback about your customer service.

Have a think about how you can introduce some elevated sensory experiences such as touch, taste and smell for your customers who will love you for it.

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