Top ten annoying habits on instagram

On a popular Facebook group today there was an interesting post that asked people what was a turn off for them on the gram. The results were hardly surprising yet people make these mistakes day in day out....

During my daily scrolls I encounter lots of different types of accounts and posts and see lots of these happening. Are you making any of them....?!

The top ten annoying habits on Instagram were:

Blurry Photos/Dull Photos

It does amaze me that people think that a blurry or dull photo will add value to their product or service offering. The only analogy I can give is that this would be like having dirty windows on your shop front. Photos are a first impression and super important. If your photos are not up to scratch then my honest advice is that it's not worth posting them on Instagram.

Bad Grammar /Spelling

The odd typo here is hardly a crime but it's like fingers going down a chalk board to some people. I recommend adding the grammarly app which is free to use and a life saver if your (see what I did there *you're) not hot with your spelling or grammar.

Putting Hashtags In The Post

Hashtags are really important as they are a great way of growing your following. But where you put them is important too. #avoid putting #hashtags in your post like I've done in this #sentence as some people find it annoying.

Aim to put a break after your last sentence followed by a group of hashtags or in a comment instead.

Too Much Information

Unless you're a nutritionist, most people are not bothered about what you're eating for breakfast!

Whilst creating a community with your followers is an important part of growing your Instagram, there is a fine line between documenting your entire working day from dusk until dawn.

Do you really need to be posting ANOTHER photo of your puppy/kitten/baby/baby bump etc etc?

Too Salesly

The general rule with social media is 80/20. 80% posts that are engage, add value, demonstrate trust and credibility and behind the scenes followed by 20% of 'buy now' is what you're aiming for.

Missing Links

Broken links in your bio are a big frustration for some people. Especially since they were interested enough to want to know more but were unable to get there. Check your links are working otherwise you'll be missing out!

No Credits

If you're using someone else's photo then you need to credit the creator. It's not cool to use content that's not yours unless you share the love and tell people where it originated from.


I'm no prude and neither is the typical Australian but too much profanity in your posts is a no-no.


I'm pretty vocal about what I think about accounts who use this as a means to grow their following. As Scomo said 'I can't be more blunt about it. Stop it!'

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