Why Blogging is Still Relevant

Back in the noughties, blogging was kind of like a quasi social media platform. It was an opportunity to let your followers see some behind the scenes and to find out more about you and your business way before Insta became cool.

With other social media platforms taking the stage, it's easy just to mothball your blog page.

I'm here to tell you to think again about that!

Whilst social media is definitely a platform you want to be enticing people to, at the end of the day, your main aim is to then steer them off of social media and on to your website.

Reasons Why Blogging Is Still Relevant

Blogging is still massively relevant in this day and age and for many good reasons.

The biggest reason is that it's sharable content. What I mean by this is that you can share your blog post on other social media platforms as a way of driving more traffic.

Another reason is that you can create external links in your post and pop in some all important keywords to boost your SEO for some google juice! For example, let's say you're a wedding vendor and you blog about a wedding at a particular venue. By linking in that venue (and maybe the other wedding vendors involved) you will be creating external links.

Blogging is also a way of updating your website on a regular basis which is another SEO tick in the box. Google checks websites to see if they have been updated and stale websites will not rank favourably.

Blogging Tips

  • Find an engaging and relevant topic to write about. It may be a new product launch, an event you've created or attended, some behind the scenes content or your thoughts on a recent and or trending industry topic.

  • Add images where you can to make your post more engaging. Aim to use professional looking images as blurry photos won't help to make a post look engaging! Also, always add an ALT tag to your image so that google can easily search for it.

  • Keep the post concise along with headlines for easy reading. Read through and check for typos or poor grammar (try adding the Grammarly chrome extension to your PC, it's a game changer!)

  • Look out for any external linking opportunities as this will help your post to rank with google.

  • Share your content on other social media platforms to drive traffic to your content and website!

There are no hard and fast rules as to how often you need to blog however the more content you can post, the better.

If you need any help to get started with blogging for your business, feel free to drop me a line.

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