Why I love using WIX

There are many website platforms available these days but WIX is my personal go to choice for website design and for good reason. Over the years I've designed scores of websites using WIX, which continues to improve it's offering.

Easy To Use

WIX uses a simple drag and drop approach to website design and a number of pre designed templates that makes it super easy for businesses on a budget to create a great looking website.

It's also easy to update which means my clients are able to make simple changes themselves.


There are a number of hosting plans available from FREE hosting (although I would never recommend a business uses free website hosting) through to upscale plans.

In my opinion hosting is well priced from just $10 US a month.

Great Support

From time to time I've encountered things that I've needed resolving and my experience from WIC support has been amazing. There's a support number to call and I've always received a call back within 5 minutes!


So many people have a negative view of SEO and WIX sites based on purely what they've heard. Challenge them on their opinion and they simply struggle to offer any value or proof to back up their opinion.

At the end of the day, if your SEO is poor, of you're selling in a highly competitive space, then you'll struggle to rank on ANY website platform. Many say Wordpress is the only platform to use to be able to rank. This is simply not the case. Using Wordpress for example does not provide you with a magic SEO wand and instant first page ranking.

I have another service business designed on WIX and having followed some simple on and off page SEO strategy, my site ranks on page one for my keywords.

In summary I think WIX is a great platform for small businesses looking for an affordable web design services and hosting.