Why Personal Branding Photography Is Worth The Investment

You may be seeing the term personal branding more and more these days and with very good reason.

We all know about traditional branding elements such as logo, fonts, and colours along with being consistent. Personal branding is exactly what it says, It's essentially about putting you in the spotlight you as a business owner. Why is this important? Because people buy from people.

Creating a strong personal brand is essentially a way to reach out to your target audience through curated story telling. It's a powerful way of establishing a strong presence in your industry or marketplace where you can be seen as an influencial player.

Whilst personal branding may seem like something only the elite will invest in, these days personal branding is becoming more and more mainstream and can pay dividends if it's done well and with the right photographer.

In a world where we are spending more time online and with tight competition in almost every sector and niche, standing out from the crowd has never been so important. You've also heard the term "content is king" right? A stash of gorgeous photos to use for your social media definitely takes the headache out of 'what to post'

It can also help with increasing your pricing as personal branding helps to build trust.

Key tips to creating your own personal branding


Being consistent is so important when it comes to branding. The look and feel every branding touch point needs to flow with the right colours, textures and lighting. You'll need to ensure you hire a photographer whose shooting and editing style is in line with your branding so do some research before you hire someone.


Stay true to you and your own set of values of beliefs. If you're not authentic, people will see through it if you don't.

Case Study - Hello Parker & Co

We recently chatted with Grace from Hello Parker & Co, a successful creative laser cutting studio in Keith, South Australia. Grace recently hired Bridget Quain Photographer to under take her personal branding photography for her which she is using for her website and social media.

Bridget spent a few hours with Grace at her studio creating some shots of Grace, her studio, her products and some lifestyle photos. I think you'll agree that these pro photos illustrate the handmade detail that goes into every product and their perceived value. They also demonstrate how passionate Grace is about her products and also a glimpse into some behind the scenes. Most importantly, you know that her products are pure quality and worth every dollar.

I asked Grace about her decision to go down the route of personal branding photography who said 'Investing in personal branding photography for my business was a no brainer. It completes my overall branding and allows me to tell my story over my social media platforms and website consistently and professionally. The variety of photos that I now have ensures that I have plenty of content which also saves me heaps of time when I'm planning my social media schedule. I also think it's important to show some behind the scene photos of our business which was captured perfectly by Bridget.'

If you're considering hiring a photographer to create some personal branding photography for your business then don't hesitate. The trust you'll build with your audience will be a return on investment you'll never regret.

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