The real reason social media isn't working for you

The biggest frustration clients have when they come to me is that their social media isn't yielding the results they're looking for and in most cases there is a glaringly obvious reason why.

Modern life is pretty full on with the amount of daily tasks we have to do to ensure our lives just keep ticking. From the moment we wake up to the when we finally hit the hay, life is a constant stream of things that we need to do.

Here's a question for you. Hands up who has started a diet or fitness regime and found it really hard to stick to? Or keep up with those new years resolutions we pledged to before COVID-19 hit us like a freight train?

For many people, social media is a task that isn't prioritised and I hate to say it but if you're not showing up on your chosen platforms then you simply won't get the results you're after.

Posting consistently on your chosen platforms (you should be aiming for at least three times a week) is an absolute must. Check out the last time you posted and if it was more than 10 days ago, you're simply not posting enough.

If you're short on time then a scheduling app such as could just be the answer to your prayers. This app which includes a free and premium option, also allows you to preview your feed so you can manage your branding like a boss. It's my personal scheduling app of choice and also offers some great social media tips.

But that's not all. You'll also need to ensure you're engaging with your followers too by liking and commenting on other pages. Posting and ghosting simply doesn't work!

Engaging with your followers, particularly those who are of influence is another opportunity to be seen, heard and found.

From a personal point of view (which I know is shared by many!) you also need to ensure you're replying to DMs and comments. Think of it like this. For someone to DM you or comment on your post, they are taking an interest in you and your business. That's so awesome! By ignoring them it's the same as them walking into your office or shop and you physically ignoring them. This will only lead to a negative perception of your business which obviously is something you'd want to avoid. Unless it's a spam or abusive comment but that's a post for another day.

Lastly, level up your story telling via the stories option. If you don't then you're missing out! More and more people are engaging with stories these days and since it's another opportunity for exposure why wouldn't you post one or two a week?!

The moral of this story is that you get out what you put in.


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