Why you should never use a free website

When you're starting a new business it can feel like you're emptying your wallet all the time to pay for all the things you need to get your business off the ground.

After all, you need to spend money to make money right?!

Yep. You do.

When it comes to getting a website, choosing the FREE option can actually end up costing you heaps of lost opportunities and bookings which basically translates into hard currency.

Reasons why free websites are not worth it

I'll keep this short and sweet.

Firstly, the design options and capabilities are limited and for good reason since at the end of the day it's a free site.

So you can't really make it your own.

Also, you'll find it hard to rank with your SEO which is a pretty big deal.

The biggest reason of all is that it's a massive turn off to a potential customer. With web hosting being so cheap these days, if you're not committed to spending money to host your own domain then your credibility will disappear the second the 'this is a free website by Wix/WordPress/Go daddy' or whomever.

So, if you think you're saving money by choosing the free option, you're basically losing BIG bucks.

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