An A-Z Guide to Marketing Your Business

There are so many parts to marketing which some people think is simply about advertising.

This guide should break down the overwhelm so you can implement some savvy marketing ideas an concepts into your business and help it all make some sense.

I'll just touch on my opening line a little more as this common over sight of thinking marketing is just about spending $ on advertising is where so many businesses go wrong and lose hard earned money.

Put simply, when it comes to marketing, your vibe attracts your tribe.

Marketing is essentially all about a touchy-feely customer experience that will leave your target market wanting more.

So let's begin!


Once upon a very long time, social media posts were chronological and shown to every single follower and Google wasn't as overcrowded. Damn the were the good days!

Today, Facebook Inc dictates that you either pay to get your posts seen or you need to be savvy with the algorithm. Same applies to Sir Google.

Whilst the algorithm changes on what feels like a daily basis, understanding some of its attributes such as credibility, popularity and engagement will help you jump the fence and get seen by your target market.


Branding is so huge it's deserving of its own blog post!

The biggest misconception with branding is that small businesses ignore it and think that it's only for the big corporate's. Big mistake. Huge!

Branding in this day and age is the difference between winning a sale or not.

C is for CONTENT

There are many words I could have chosen for C including collaboration, customer, communication, community, creative and copy.

I personally think that content is king as it's directly linked to branding and attracting the right clientele.


I'm not a fan of putting people in boxes but when it comes to marketing you can't assume that everyone will want your product or service.

The key is finding who will and then targeting them.


How you engage with your customer and how often is so important.

This also applies to social media. You can't expect to just post and forget.

To grow you following you'll need to actively engage with your target market on a daily basis.

How you engage with them is also important so communication is really important. Even with complaints you'll need to respond with gritted teeth....

F is for FOLLOW

I'm not talking about stalking here but more about following trends.

With our world changing at such a fast pace, keeping up with current trends will make sure that you're not falling away from what your target market are wanting and expecting from you.

G is for GOOGLE

In the world of SEO, Google is everything!

As a bare minimum every business with a website will need a google account so that you can monitor and track customer behaviour to your advantage.

H is for HASHTAG

Hashtags # are the most powerful thing you can use to get your post and page being seen by your target market. The easiest way to describe them is to think of them as a search engine. Use them wisely and you'll see your social following boom!


Instagram (or 'the gram' as it's affectionately known) is THE platform to be seen and heard right now. It's where trends are found and followed and the birth place of influencers.

J is for JACKING

This is where businesses will react to an incident and be able to leverage their products or service at a time of demand.

K is for KEYWORD

Keywords are to SEO like chips are to fish! Any SEO strategy begins with defining your businesses keywords so that you can fight your way to page one on google.


Linkedin used to have a stuffy reputation for being to stale and boring but it's having a rebirth right now. If you're a service business, coach, business admin professional or freelancer this is the place to be.

M is for MEASURE

Measuring your marketing activity is crucial so that you can monitor what's working and what isn't.


It's not what you know it's who you know! Networking is the oldest most trusted way of getting referrals and the good news is that these says you don't even have to leave your bed to do it via social media!


Any good marketeer will see an opportunity. Whether it's an opportunity to sell more stock or a collaboration, seize the moment, measure it and run with it!

P is for PRICING

Pricing is one of the 7 marketing P's and is important as it not only defines what kind of customers you'll attract but also the amount of profit you may (or many not) make. In some industries, pricing varies a lot. For some it's dictated by other forces however the biggest mistake some businesses make it not getting their pricing right. Too cheap and you'll work too hard for your money. Too much and you won't see enough sales.


The ultimate aim with marketing is to get your customers and your network to send more business your way. Any referral is also an indication that your business is doing the right thing and attracting the right clientele.

S is for SEO

Search Engine Optimisation. It's basically a term of how to get found on google. There are a multitude of actions you'll need to take to optimise your google rankings which entail some technical and some regular maintenance that you can do yourself. Blogging is one of them!


Positive testimonials are like liquid gold. Use them to your advantage and use your socials and google reviews to win the trust of your target market.


One of my favourite programs is Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. If you're not aware of your own customer experience then you need to walk yourself through it step by step. Put yourself in your customer's shoes so that you can ensure that they keep coming back.

V is for VALUE

Potential customers who have not engaged with you before may be sceptical about your offering simply because they have never had a need for your product or service before. Spelling out the value will educate them and help the understand the full value of what they are buying into.

X is for X FACTOR

Be a stand out in your field. Demonstrate your credibility and professionalism at every opportunity.

Y is for YOU

Your personality is really important especially with small business. You've heard the term 'people buy from people'. That's it in a nut shell!

Z is for zzzz

Get some sleep! Running a business is hard work with many hats to be worn.

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