marketing strategy  & support

If you're feeling overwhelmed by marketing or you're not getting the results you should be getting then it's time to analyse and strategise!

Sometimes it takes a second eye to be able to see where the holes in your marketing bucket are and establish some fresh new ideas on how you can get in front of your target market.

During an initial consultation we establish pain points with your marketing so that we can hone into the areas that you're needing to strategise.

The overall aim is to give you some advice and clarity along with actionable steps that you can implement into your business.

You'll leave feeling motivated and excited to put fresh ideas into place that over time should see results.

I offer mini 1 hr sessions over the phone/zoom or 4 hr in-depth one to one sessions (available in Adelaide)

social media manager using instagram in Adelaide

freelance marketing solutions


My regular clients are small businesses who from time to time need some temporary marketing solutions to support them through busy periods when they need a little extra support and exposure.

This could look like a wedding venue needing assistance with organising or attending a wedding expo, a small business needing some graphics for their social media or a service based business looking for a PDF brochure design.

Kind of like a virtual assistant if you like?!

Feel free to get in touch - I'm always happy to chat!